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Beau is an award winning writer-director, who eats, sleeps and breathes film


To say I was into film as a child is like saying Jack the Ripper had some issues with women. Not that I’m comparing myself to the infamous 19th century killer of prostitutes with an obsession for removing internal organs, but swop those women for films and… Nope, this is going nowhere fast. CUT. First Positions and… Action…

Since I can remember – I guess from the age of about six, every weekend I would beg my folks to raid the local video store for American classics, latest blockbusters, and animations. Sunday mornings I’d sneak downstairs at 6am and watch the Bollywood double bill on TV. And then there was my Mecca - CINEMA. Yes, I was truly blessed by the Film God’s that looked over me. And I swore to make them proud.

I owe a lot to my father who is an incredible Music and Celebrity photographer. Growing up helping on shoots as a kid was just the norm, long days, hard work and creativity has helped shape the way I work today. It was around the age of 9 that I was boring my old man with a story I’d written whilst we were developing photos from a recent session. I could always tell when he wasn’t listening so decided to spice things up and explain the camera angles. It was this pivotal moment in time that he stopped what he was doing, glanced back to me and said ‘that’s what a director does’! LIGHT BULB!

Into my teens and I started running on the odd music promo getting a real taste for the professional world. I soon found French, Japanese, and Hong Kong cinema. My good mate had a wicked deal with a bloke whose wife would buy the latest Hong Kong flicks on Laser disc and bootleg them to VHS. Between that and VCDs from Chinatown I may have totally overindulged on Hong Kong films during the 90s. Okay, so it may have been more of an addiction, but I have it under control now. Ah who am I kidding, Hong Kong ngo ngoi lei ah! And if I wasn’t glued to the screen, I could usually be found acting out scenes, drawing, writing stories, or practicing martial arts.

At sixteen I’d washed enough cars to afford my first Hi8 camera and never looked back! Short film after short film, I pushed the boundaries of what I could do with no budget, no lighting, no crew, and sometimes even no actors! Cut to present day and I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some amazingly talented people. I’ve been working professionally now for over 14 years, and have some really exciting projects in development.


Over the years I’ve written countless screenplays for festival-selected short films - several of which have won awards, and have a slate of feature scripts in development. I also write treatments for music promos, most notably working with Universal Music Group and Warner Music for international artists such as; Agnetha Faltskog (ABBA), Mick Hucknall (Simply Red), and Tori Amos. As a director, my films have been screened in international festivals around the world including Cannes, Beijing, Italy, France, UK, and New York but to name a few. I’ve been fortunate enough to win a couple of awards for best film, and was truly honored to make it into the world’s leading Film Magazine ‘Empire’ in 2008 when they asked ‘Is this the next Scorsese’!

With a martial arts background of over 28 years, I naturally found my niche in action which has lead me to action direct and choreograph fight scenes in numerous projects, many of which have won awards. I’ve also worked across a variety of genres and platforms from Comedy in the web series ‘Knighthood & Decoy’ and award winning short ’Domestics’, to the hard hitting and stylized sci-fi Thriller ‘Narcopolis’ starring Elliot Cowan and Jonathan Pryce.


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I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the support I've been given from my folks who's love and respect has helped give me strength and clarity. My dad (Simon Fowler) is an incredible photographer, so growing up helping on shoots was just the norm. Long days, hard work, and creativity has shaped me in the way I work today.